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Stegall Charitable Education Foundation
P.O. Box 10965, Murfreesboro, TN 37129-0020

Tennessee residents and applicants to Tennessee schools ONLY

Scholarships in the amount of one thousand and No/100 ($1,000.00) per semester (no more than two in one year) shall be granted to high school students, high school graduates or existing college students entering a full-time program of college study within one year from the scholarship application deadline. The scholarship application deadline for the Spring Semester is December 1 and the deadline for the Fall Semester is July 1. Scholarship funds shall be used only for college tuition, fees, room and board, and books and materials. Funds granted shall be a gift to the student and are not required to be repaid, except as hereinafter set forth. Funds shall be granted on a per-semester basis. Each semester’s award will be accompanied with instructions for the grant and the re-qualification process for subsequent semester awards. Scholarships will be given on an equal opportunity basis. The criteria for selecting such students shall be in the discretion of the Trustees, giving preferential treatment first, to those individuals that have demonstrated a willingness to serve the general public through past civic responsibilities, and secondly, to those individuals who have expressed an intention to become an attorney.

To qualify for scholarship funds, students shall be required to possess the following:

  1. At least a 2.8 (on a 4.0 scale) cumulative high school G.P.A. (or its equivalent, to be submitted as a sealed transcript) or an 18 composite A.C.T. score (or its equivalent) for first-time freshman;

  2. At least a 3.0 cumulative G.P.A. (on a 4.0 scale) for college upper classmen and transfer students;

  3. Need for financial assistance;

  4. Full-time student status, except when less than a full-time course load is necessary to complete a degree program; and

  5. Unrestricted academic standing with the university or college with which courses will be taken (e.g., no academic suspensions).

Students shall register for classes in accordance with university procedure and the Foundation shall pay tuition funds to the university directly, on behalf of the student. In the event a student’s tuition is paid in full from other sources, the scholarship award shall be paid directly to the student for payment of fees, books, and materials. Students receiving the scholarship award shall be responsible for providing sufficient receipts documenting their fees, books and materials fees prior to receiving payment of the scholarship award.

At the end of each academic term, each scholarship recipient shall submit a college transcript, showing grades from the term just completed, to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. In order to continue receiving the scholarship grant for the next academic term, the student must possess at least a 2.5 G.P.A. for the preceding term paid for by the Foundation. Transcripts for qualification or re-qualification for subsequent semester awards should be submitted no later than fifteen (15) days following the end of the semester.

Any student who withdraws from a class during the academic term, which such withdrawal causes such student to lose full-time status with the university, shall be required to reimburse the Foundation for the tuition cost for the class from which he or she withdrew. This reimbursement condition may be waived at the sole discretion of the Board of Trustees for a student who suffers a serious injury, illness or similar good cause for withdrawal from a class or classes. Any student who is found to have provided false information on his or her scholarship application form shall be liable to the Foundation for the full cost of the scholarship used.

Return your completed application and pertinent attachments to:

Stegall Charitable Educational Foundation
P.O. Box 10965
Murfreesboro, TN 37129-0020

The foundation’s Scholarship Application is available in PDF format:

The Foundation’s IRS Form 990-PF are available in PDF format:

Also available in PDF format, additional public disclosure items:

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